Our Mission

Here at Studio 55, every dancer and child is an embodiment of a gift. We think that each student possesses the priceless and enormous power to positively change the world. Similarly, our journey does not begin or finish with the dancing seasons or in the studio, but we seek to achieve significant leaps in our character and skill via the difficulties, discipline, confidence, bravery, and tenacity that are honed within our building's walls. We learn what it is like to sometimes achieve and sometimes fail in life. Finally, we think that discipline, perseverance, victory, and the rare setback encourage our students to change, conquer, and strive to the best of their ability.

We chose to open our doors in downtown Laurens, South Carolina because it is the perfect environment for you and your child. Ms. Kylie wanted to make sure that dance was affordable and fun for those in the upstate area. Most importantly, our class schedule is set up to avoid burnout. We offer all styles of dance, and we are ready to grow with you and your child! 

Why Us?

Meet the Owner

Originally from Georgia, Kylie has been dancing for over 20 years in all styles of dance. She also has experience with dance teams, cheer, and gymnastics. She has been a part of competitive and performance companies that traveled throughout the east coast. Kylie is an award-winning choreographer. Her style originated from learning in the Metro Atlanta area. Kylie has learned and danced with many well-known professionals such as Joe Tremaine, Debbie Allen (Catherine Avery from Grey's Anatomy), Tony Bellissimo, Keri LaGrand, and many more. Kylie graduated from Clemson University, a part of the Clemson Tiger Dancers team. Kylie has been teaching dance in Georgia and South Carolina for nearly 10 years. She has always enjoyed teaching and is excited to see dancers grow!

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